Processing Policies

By submitting fiber to WCFM, you are agreeing to our processing policies.

Current Wait Time: Approx. 10 weeks

3 lb. washed weight (approx. 5 lb. raw wool or 4 lb. raw alpaca) minimum for processing.

4-11 inch staple length accepted.  Blending is an option for shorter staple length fiber.  Call for more information on blending for short staple length.


All fleece must be thoroughly skirted before you send them to us.  Skirting is important because it will decrease your processing wait time and your costs, and it will increase the quality of your finished products.


If you choose to wash your fiber before sending in it you will save on washing fees.  However, we reserve the right to re-wash fiber as we deem necessary because fiber that is not properly washed can damage our processing equipment.


Many factors affect the ability to process fiber.  If your fiber is not processing well we will contact you to discuss your options.  You will be charged for all processing we complete.

Fiber weight loss is an expected part of processing.  The amount of weight lost is affected by many factors including cleanliness of the fleece, sand content, guard hairs, etc.  It can range from 25% all the way to 75% in extreme cases.  Most of the time it is around 30-40% loss.  We do our best to keep the loss as low as possible.

There is clean fiber lost at the pin-drafter and spinner that can potentially be re-used for felting and such.  It is short sections of roving and nests of fiber.  If you would like this fiber returned to you, you need to indicate that on your order form.


Standard Skein from WCFM is 250 yds.

Yarn weights vary from processor to processor.  We choose to use wraps-per-inch (wpi) to set our weight standards.

WCFM Yarn Weight Standards:

Lace – >20 wpi
Fingering – 16-19 wpi
Sport – 13-15 wpi
DK – 10-12 wpi
Worsted – 8-9 wpi
Bulky – 6-7 wpi
Super Bulky – <6 wpi

We are happy to accept custom yarn weight orders.  There will be a one-time $15 set-up charge for custom weights.  If you want us to match a yarn, please include a sample.  Call for pricing on custom yarn weight orders.

When your order is complete:

We will call you and email you an invoice.  Your invoice must be paid in full, including shipping charges, before we will ship you your processed fiber.

Payment Options:

  • Paypal
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AmericanExpress
  • Check

Orders over 300 lbs. will require progress payments as fiber is completed.