Beautiful Yarns, Taos, and Check Your Order Status

The last few weeks Daniel has been processing a lot of alpaca and angora goat fiber.  It is so fun to see each fleece become yarn.  They are each so unique in color, texture, luster, and thickness…the yarn possibilities are endless!

2-ply Alpaca

A rainbow of different natural colors of Angora Goat yarn. Some 2-ply, some 3-ply and different weights.

More 2-ply alpaca in 2 different colors and weights.

Taos, NM

If you will be at the Taos, NM Fiber Festival be sure to call us to schedule for us to pick up your fiber while Daniel is there.  It will save you a lot on shipping.  We already have a few people lined up with large amounts of fiber, so call and get on the list before our trailer space is full.  (970) 586-3478

Daniel is looking forward to seeing you in Taos!

New website feature, coming soon!

We know how important everyone’s fiber is to them…we all tend to get very attached to it after spending a year or more raising it on the animals, then carefully removing it, skirting and cleaning it, and sending it off to be made into beautiful yarn and roving.  We have felt the same thing with our own sheep and fleece.  The wait while the fiber is being processed can be long and you might wonder how its going and where your fiber is in the process.

Because of this, we have decided to add a new feature to the website – a “Check Order Status” page where you can see where your fiber is in the process.  We hope that this makes the waiting easier on everyone!

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