Making Dog Hair Into Yarn

This week we made the first ever dog-hair yarn in our mill.  It was fun to see how dog hair would run.

The yarn was 50% Standard Poodle hair and 50% Lincoln Longwool.  The poodle hair was well cared for, brushed and kept clean while growing.  Then it was shaved carefully, keeping second cuts out, and giving a staple length of about 3-3 1/2 inches.  The hair definitely needed the support of the Longwool, which was about 4 1/2 inches staple length.

The yarn turned out beautiful and surprisingly soft and fuzzy.  For those of you who have wondered…it is indeed possible to make dog hair into yarn.  We enjoyed processing this unique order.

More Beautiful Yarn

As always, there are some beautiful yarns coming out of the mill.  I wanted to share a couple of my latest favorites with you…

This is a merino/silk blend that is oh-so-very-soft and smooth that it is hard to not keep touching it.  If only the technology existed for you to get a feel of this one through your computer!

This one is a CVM wool that is very soft and squishy and has a nice luster.  It is a beautiful sandy color – the photo doesn’t do it justice.

Check Order Status and Alpacas on the Rocks

We enjoyed seeing so many people at the Wool Festival in Taos last weekend!  The beautiful fall weather was crisp but sunny and a great time was had by all.

Our new “Check Order Status” page is up and running!

We have added a new feature to the website so that you can see what the status of your order is.  We all know how attached we are to our fiber, and how waiting for it to come back from processing can be somewhat anxiety producing.  Now you can see what is going on with your order with the click of a button.  Check out our new “Check Order Status” tab to find out more!


Alpacas on the Rocks

Willow Creek Fiber Mill will have a booth at Alpacas on the Rocks on Saturday, October 14th, at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Golden, CO, from 9am-5pm.  We are accepting fleece drop-offs, so if you are in the area bring your fiber and we will be happy to bring it up to the mill for you to save you shipping costs.  See you there!

Beautiful Yarns, Taos, and Check Your Order Status

The last few weeks Daniel has been processing a lot of alpaca and angora goat fiber.  It is so fun to see each fleece become yarn.  They are each so unique in color, texture, luster, and thickness…the yarn possibilities are endless!

2-ply Alpaca

A rainbow of different natural colors of Angora Goat yarn. Some 2-ply, some 3-ply and different weights.

More 2-ply alpaca in 2 different colors and weights.

Taos, NM

If you will be at the Taos, NM Fiber Festival be sure to call us to schedule for us to pick up your fiber while Daniel is there.  It will save you a lot on shipping.  We already have a few people lined up with large amounts of fiber, so call and get on the list before our trailer space is full.  (970) 586-3478

Daniel is looking forward to seeing you in Taos!

New website feature, coming soon!

We know how important everyone’s fiber is to them…we all tend to get very attached to it after spending a year or more raising it on the animals, then carefully removing it, skirting and cleaning it, and sending it off to be made into beautiful yarn and roving.  We have felt the same thing with our own sheep and fleece.  The wait while the fiber is being processed can be long and you might wonder how its going and where your fiber is in the process.

Because of this, we have decided to add a new feature to the website – a “Check Order Status” page where you can see where your fiber is in the process.  We hope that this makes the waiting easier on everyone!

See You in Taos, NM!

We are very excited that we will be able to attend the well-known and well-spoken of Fiber Festival in Taos, NM.  This will be our first year there and we can’t wait to experience it.  We will be around all weekend.

If you are headed to Taos and want to bring your fleece for processing and meet us there we would be happy to drive your fiber back to the mill and save you the shipping costs.  Please contact us at the mill at 970-586-3478 to schedule for us to meet you and get your fiber.  If you would like to contact us during the weekend of Taos, please call Daniel’s cell at 970-231-2756.

See you in Taos!

Wool Festivals!

We had the opportunity to attend the Fiber Train Wool Festival in Nampa, Idaho, last weekend! It was very fun to see all the beautiful animals and yarn, and we really enjoyed meeting new people, making connections, and spreading the word about Willow Creek Fiber Mill. One of our favorite parts of this business is getting to know all the many wonderful people who raise fiber animals and produce beautiful things with that fiber.

In ten days we will get to attend our all-time favorite fiber gathering – the Estes Park Wool Market! How awesome is it that we have such a great fiber fest in our own town? We will be at the wool market all weekend, so let us know if you will be attending, we would love to meet you and discuss all thing fiber arts. It is also an excellent opportunity to drop off fiber to us that you would like to have processed – save on those shipping fees.

You can call or email the mill ahead of time to set up a meeting, or feel free to contact Daniel on his cell phone during Wool Market weekend if you would like to connect with us: 970-231-2756.

Hope to see you at Wool Market!

Open for Business!

We are now accepting orders and open for business!

The machines are up and running, the mill is ready, and we are enjoying processing the fibers we have from our own animals, and fleece we purchased.

We have been running wool, alpaca, and angora through the machines the last couple of weeks.  I am already dreaming of the items I plan to knit with the wonderful yarn that Daniel has been making for me.

This wool was from our Lincoln Longwool sheep, named Stella.  He made these skeins 2-ply, sport weight (13 wpi).  I love the luster Stella’s wool has and how that shows in her yarn.

Skeins of 2-ply Lincoln Longwool

2-Ply Lincoln Longwool

And these skeins of Stella’s wool he made 3-ply, DK weight (10 wpi).

3 Skeins of 3-Ply Lincoln Longwool

3-Ply Lincoln Longwool

Then he took some of Stella’s single-ply and spun it with some alpaca.  He used 2 strands of Stella’s Lincoln Longwool, and 1 strand of Alpaca.  So this skein is a 3-ply, sport weight (13 wpi), 33% alpaca 66% Lincoln Longwool.

1 Skein of 3-Ply Alpaca/Lincoln Longwool

3-Ply Alpaca/Lincoln Longwool

I wanted him to blend some Angora in from my pet rabbit, so he used some of our CVM/Wensleydale wool from our sheep, Violet, and mixed it with the angora fiber from our English Angora rabbit, Oliver.  We jokingly call this yarn “Violiver” after the two of them.  It is by far my favorite so far, since it is oh-so-soft and I love the super soft yarns.  It is 3-ply, worsted weight (9 wpi), 50% Angora 50% CVM/Wensleydale.

The combinations and sizes are endless when processing fiber into yarn!  So start dreaming about what yarn you would like your fiber made into and give us a call so we can help you make that come true.