Open for Business!

We are now accepting orders and open for business!

The machines are up and running, the mill is ready, and we are enjoying processing the fibers we have from our own animals, and fleece we purchased.

We have been running wool, alpaca, and angora through the machines the last couple of weeks.  I am already dreaming of the items I plan to knit with the wonderful yarn that Daniel has been making for me.

This wool was from our Lincoln Longwool sheep, named Stella.  He made these skeins 2-ply, sport weight (13 wpi).  I love the luster Stella’s wool has and how that shows in her yarn.

Skeins of 2-ply Lincoln Longwool

2-Ply Lincoln Longwool

And these skeins of Stella’s wool he made 3-ply, DK weight (10 wpi).

3 Skeins of 3-Ply Lincoln Longwool

3-Ply Lincoln Longwool

Then he took some of Stella’s single-ply and spun it with some alpaca.  He used 2 strands of Stella’s Lincoln Longwool, and 1 strand of Alpaca.  So this skein is a 3-ply, sport weight (13 wpi), 33% alpaca 66% Lincoln Longwool.

1 Skein of 3-Ply Alpaca/Lincoln Longwool

3-Ply Alpaca/Lincoln Longwool

I wanted him to blend some Angora in from my pet rabbit, so he used some of our CVM/Wensleydale wool from our sheep, Violet, and mixed it with the angora fiber from our English Angora rabbit, Oliver.  We jokingly call this yarn “Violiver” after the two of them.  It is by far my favorite so far, since it is oh-so-soft and I love the super soft yarns.  It is 3-ply, worsted weight (9 wpi), 50% Angora 50% CVM/Wensleydale.

The combinations and sizes are endless when processing fiber into yarn!  So start dreaming about what yarn you would like your fiber made into and give us a call so we can help you make that come true.

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